Our Hair

Directly from the temples of India, we are providing 100% premium virgin Indian Remy hair of the highest quality! Diva’s Image hair is natural and has not been altered, mixed or chemically processed in any way shape or form, allowing long wear & multiple installs. Our hair selection process is very articulate and detail focused. Extreme efforts are made during the preparation process at to ensure the cuticles are moving cohesively in the same direction from root to end preventing tangling and shedding of the hair. It is sewn onto the weft in the same direction as your hair giving it a natural and effortless look & feel. Diva’s Image hair is pleasantly soft, full of body & washes with ease. We at Diva’s Image stand firm in our stance, “when it comes to the quality Remy hair, there is none higher!”

Our Company

Our one and only commitment is providing the ultimate valued-customer experience. This is achieved two ways; providing 100% virgin Indian Remy hair of the highest quality and OUTSTANDING customer service. We are fortunate enough to have brilliant people working with and for our company. From our main factory in India to our distribution center in the US, each employee is of one accord.  When it comes to quality virgin Indian remy hair, THERE IS NONE HIGHER!